Start-Up Development & Deployment

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Starting a business can be more frustrating, more complicated, and more stressful than managing the business after it is up and running. There are many moving parts involved in getting a business started and in making it successful. Our goal is to help our clients create a sound business plan, and formulate a pragmatic approach to implementing the plan so that their business objectives are successfully achieved.

Our Start-Up Development and Deployment coaching services help navigate new entrepreneurs through the business world effectively and strategically. Our coaching service is designed to help you develop and modify your business model in respect to four factors:

  • The value of your target market
  • The value of your product or offered service
  • The value of your competition

And, most importantly,

  • The value – or potential value – of your network

By focusing on these major factors, we can help you overcome obstacles and implement your business strategies effectively in your market. Furthermore, during your business startup developmental stage and even well into its deployment, we coach our clients on expanding their network and growing their networking skills. When starting a business, you’ll first need to be the biggest advocate for your new company, and that includes helping to get it recognized. In the social world we live in, networking is a very large component of business success. And with our coaching services, we’ll teach you how to rein it in and make networking work for you.

Through successful networking, you can define your service, address your target market (and even expand it), and display a stronger value than your competitors. Our job is to help you get there.

Colosseum Coaching assists new startup companies – or entrepreneurs with an idea – to successfully penetrate their target market by:

  • Providing an in-depth market and business feasibility assessment
  • Assisting in building a market entry strategy
  • Identification of financial partners and investors
  • Aiding in staff recruitment and “new hire” screening
  • Marketing and promotional assessment and recommendations
  • Helping to establish or grow business networking groups
  • Determining product or service competition
  • Formulating and marketing your unique selling proposition

Help your new business by having Colosseum Coaching review and aid in the implementation of your business venture.