Sales Force/PR Campaign Development

Sales Force/PR Campaign Development2019-01-02T14:44:12+00:00

For any size business, a public relations campaign helps to create a positive image of your business and aims to increase sales. Creating an effective public relations campaign is vital to the success of your business.

Our PR Campaign Development business coaching service simplifies the PR process into four actionable steps influenced by John Marston’s RACE.

  • We’ll use research to define your organization’s current state and what opportunities can be taken by a public relations campaign to improve that state. In addition, we’ll analyze your potential audience and the best ways to reach them.

Action Planning
  • From the findings above, we’ll formulate a strategic plan, transforming possible opportunities into measurable objectionable goals. This step also includes producing effective tactics and strategies and targeting a specific audience and desired response.

  • Our PR development team will help your business to implement your PR action plan through all forms of communication tools in order to reach your target audience and succeed in obtaining your goals. This includes scheduling television conferences or commercials, online video sharing, social media posts, and other more traditional forms of communication like newspapers, paper advertisements, or mailings.

  • Following the development and implementation of your PR campaign, we’ll analyze its success. Did it meet the objections intended – improves sales, product attention, improved image, or overall company growth? And how much of an improvement did your PR campaign make? By evaluating the results, you can in turn reevaluate your processes to ensure a more successful campaign at your next turn.

    When you recognize your company needs assistance in formulating the right sales force or public relations campaign to effectively reach the goals you have set, Colosseum Coaching is there to direct your company in the right direction.