Project Management

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Project management is the process of leading and supervising a project from its inception to its practical application through the use of experience, knowledge, skills, and techniques. Project management is often directed by a third party to ensure that all aspects of a project have been analyzed from an unbiased point of view.

Colosseum Coaching provides project management services at any point during the project; however, it is recommended to implement our strategies from the outset of your project planning to ensure optimal results.

There are five phases of project management:

  1. Conception
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Performance Review
  5. Project Close
Project Conception
  • The idea for the project is born; a project is any endeavor taken in order to reach a desired outcome or benefit. The core components of this stage are to define why this project is necessary, provide a projected outcome, estimate resources required to carry out the project, estimate investments needed to supply the project, and set a timetable for deliverable results. Project management helps to improve the collaboration between project team members and formalize the processes to be undertaken, while also helping to shape and modify the plan’s objectives to stay within reasonable projections or assumptions.

Project Planning
  • During project planning, the ideas of the conception stage are transformed into actionable pathways and tasks. Obtainable goals are set, and timelines for task competition are created to maintain project deadlines. Resources, monetary or otherwise, are acquired and designated for their specific tasks in preparation for the project execution.

Project Execution
  • Your Colosseum Coaching project manager will aide your team in the functional applications of your plans – turning your preparations into reality and working towards achieving desired results. Team members will be kept on track and timelines adhered to. Project management also entails budgetary reviews, relaying updates to shareholders or upper management, and leading and motivating the project team to meet their designated goals.

Project Performance Review
  • Throughout the length of the project, your project manager will execute the plan: continuing to monitor budgets and timelines, comparing the projected and expected calculations from conception, and planning and matching them to current results. Your PM will manage arising risks, issues, or changes within the project, and redirect resources when necessary in order to achieve the desired end result. Progress will be monitored, and the team will be motivated in order to successfully complete the project as expected– or to exceed desired results. If needed, the PM will negotiate an extended timetable, or prepare for the close of the project when goals are being met.

Project Close
  • Upon reaching the end of the designated timeframe– or upon reaching the projected expectations of the project– our Colosseum Coaching project manager will aide your team in finalizing all tasks and bringing the project to a controlled end. A final review will be presented to show the outcome of the project, comparing the original expectations to its real-world results.