Ready to change the way you do business?

At Colosseum Coaching, we work with business owners and entrepreneurs who are brilliant at what they do – BUT – are having trouble getting discovered by the people they need the most: CLIENTS.

With our networking coaching, we can show you how to get noticed by and build real, actual friendships with “big shots” in your industry. This will put you in front of your dream clients and can instantly give you a level of credibility that you know you can live up to.

Networking Coaching will show you how to build GENUINE relationships with influential superstars in your industry – in a way that feels easy and actually FUN. Very soon, you’ll have the kind of contacts who can help you reach more clients, whether that’s through collaborating with you, introducing you to their peers, or promoting you to their tribe.

Imagine if you could…
    • Attend business events and actually ENJOY them – then walk away with connections that lead to more clients and, subsequently, more money.
    • Learn networking strategies that are so easy and effective, they actually feel like magic.
    • At events, know exactly how to approach both possible clients AND “big shots.”
    • Discover how to talk confidently about your skills in a way that feels comfortable, genuine, and not like you are bragging.
    • Become known as THE person in your industry with your set of skills and talents – and be considered both a peer and a friend by the heavyweights in your field.
    • Stop struggling to find your customers, and experience the ease of having them seek you out.
Networking Coaching: How It Works
    • We’ll start with a pre-session assessment. This will help us discover exactly how you feel about networking, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you most aspire to work on – so that we can tailor your networking coaching session to your specific needs. Then we’ll schedule a time to meet for a 90-minute coaching session.Together, we’ll create a networking strategy that suits YOU. You’ll get tips, tricks, and secrets for how to enjoy yourself AND build solid, genuine relationships with the people you want to work with. Good networking doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to change your personality or become a schmooze machine. Prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to do genuine networking. You already have the skills – your Colosseum Coach will show you how to use them to build powerful, real relationships with key players in your industry, that will SKYROCKET your business or career.
The Result?
      • Contacts that can supercharge the speed at which your business/career takes off – which means all the stuff you’ve dreamed of happens now, not ten years down the road.
      • Wonderful new business friendships with people you have long admired and now love working with.
      • Collaborations with others that make you money and get you discovered by a new group of potential clients.
      • The big shots in your industry will know who you are, what you do, and what opportunities there are for you to work together.
      • Visibility to a host of new ideal clients, who’ve discovered, fallen in love with, and want to hire you!