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When Is The Right Time To Hire A Business Consultant

When Is It The Right Time To Hire A Business Consultant? Let’s face it, starting a business involves risk.  There’s no way around it.  The decisions an entrepreneur must make in the first weeks and months of a business can be traumatic – especially if the results prove costly. In many cases a small business owner has “fairly academic” decisions to make; that is, these judgment calls fall into [...]

What Can You Expect A Small Business Consultant To Do For You

Some business people think that consultants are for the “big boys.” That is, companies as large as a Fortune 500 company need outside consulting, but small businesses either don’t need all that knowledge or can’t afford to get it. This isn’t the case.  Today, numerous small business owners in an array of industries are hiring outside expertise to help solve everyday operation issues -bookkeeping, marketing, inventory management, and best [...]

How Can I Keep My Business Finances Organized

Have you ever watched a small businessman pick up a receipt inside his/her car and pause -confused for a second -wondering where he should store it?  You may have even done it yourself. Then, low and behold, that same person struggles later in the month when it comes time to gather all those common purchases into one central place -maybe an envelope or file.  This type of inefficient activity [...]

How Do You Know If Your Small Business Consultant is Qualified Enough

How Do You Know If Your Small Business Consultant is Qualified Enough to Help Your Business Grow? So, it’s not hard to imagine a small business owner asking the following: “I like what I’m seeing about Mr. Haskins, but how do I know if it’s worth my time and money to hire him?” You may have asked this question on an occasion or two.  Qualified consultants and coaches are [...]

Four Tips to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Business coaching is a vital aspect of learning techniques to more effectively manage your business – from in-depth process analysis and helping companies formulate better operational procedures, increase productivity and enhance employee and customer satisfaction – to simple day to day time management practices. Here are four tips from the business coaching professionals on how to better manage your time. Prioritize communication The advent of email communication has both [...]