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Almost every small business owner or entrepreneur will reach a stage when the following question becomes inevitable: “Do I really need someone to help me manage, or at least give me some solid advice about my business?” If you’ve asked yourself that question, take heart: you’re not alone!

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Business Consulting and Entrepreneur Coaching is strategically designed to implement the best course of action to ensure better and more profitable results.

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About Paul

Paul Haskins is no stranger to solving problems in a business environment. He has won multiple awards in the business arena: FWPCOA Region 12 Outstanding Plant Operations 2017; FWPCOA Region 12 Outstanding Member 2017; received the FWPCOA David B Lee Award 2017; FSAWWA Marvin Kaden Award 2017 & 2016; FSAWWA Most Improved Water Plant 2016 and 2017, and the FDEP Plant Excellence Award 2017.

Paul is a graduate of Hillsborough Community College, and attended the University of Florida with a major in public relations. He has been in the private and public sectors of the water treatment industry since 2005, and has a proven track record built upon his training, process improvement, and development background.

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